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For a limited time, receive our pre-order discount on the WeWalk Smart Cane 2!  Order today and save $600 off the regular price of $1,995 and the WeWalk Smart Cane 2 can be yours for only $1,395!  Take advantage of this limited time price!  

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Introducing WeWALK Smart Cane 2. Our most advanced smart cane to date, packed with groundbreaking safety, navigation, and AI features. Driven by lived experiences and the voices of our Community, we crafted the Smart Cane 2 with the goal of creating the ultimate mobility tool for visually impaired people.  It is a smart mobility companion designed to provide sensory, and multi-modal feedback to people with visual impairment for a seamless orientation and mobility experience with wayfinding and other cutting edge technologies.  Experience mobility like never before with the Smart Cane 2! 

Revolutionary Features of WeWALK Smart Cane 2

  • Enhanced Obstacle Detection
    • Safety first! Stay safe and aware with WeWALK Smart Cane 2, featuring custom-designed detection technology that alerts you to overhead obstacles through haptic and audible feedback, all while maintaining the ground-level feedback of a standard white cane.
  • Intelligent Voice Assistant
    • Ask any question with a touch of a button and get audio responses straight from your smart cane’s built-in speakers, designed by Harman. For instance, ask your voice assistant for the nearest coffee shop or for travel tips when you’re on vacation.
  • Seamless Connectivity
    • Experience hands-free navigation by keeping your smartphone safely tucked away while connected via Bluetooth. With safety in mind, WeWALK ensures your hands remain free during travel. Effortlessly access WeWALK’s features using your smart cane’s tactile buttons or intelligent voice assistant.
  • Accessible Navigation
    • Access turn-by-turn navigation instructions with multimodal navigation, offering the most efficient routes to your destination. Use clock directions, destination tracking, and low-vision mapping to make any journey a seamless one from start to finish.
  • Live Public Transit
    • Find out about your transit options, navigate to stops, and check timetables, all in one place powered by Moovit. Never miss a bus or train again.
  • Boundless Exploration
    • Experience the world around you with the new smart cane, receiving automatic voice feedback as you pass by nearby points of interest, or easily access a detailed list of nearby shops, restaurants, and everything in between. With Smart Cane 2, your exploration knows no bounds.

Robust and Elegant Design

  • Premium Audio Performance
    • Harman has developed a custom designed speaker for the WeWalk smart cane. With Harman’s powerful sound quality, it will guide you in a way that you hear nothing but your smart cane.
  • All-Weather Durability
    • Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, WeWALK Smart Cane 2 is rainwater-resistant, allowing you to confidently navigate through all four seasons. Rain or shine, your smart cane stands ready to accompany you on all your adventures.
  • Intuitive Push Button Design
    • Equipped with a user-friendly push-button design, the smart cane offers effortless operation. Navigate menus seamlessly or assign custom button commands, such as saving your home address or favorite destinations for convenient access. The next destination is a click away.
  • Slim and Sleek
    • All these breakthrough features are hidden within the thinness and lightness of a standard white cane. Looks like a white cane, but it is actually a smart cane.

Download WeWALK Smart App for iOS and Android to pair your WeWALK SmartCane 2 here:


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