About us

Home to a myriad of accessible technologies and devices, CNIB SmartLife is an interactive retail and lifestyle experience like no other. 

CNIB SmartLife is Canada’s largest retailer of assistive products for people with sight loss, serving over 20,000+ people a year. CNIB SmartLife offers services both online and in physical spaces, as well as a variety of accessible technology programs. 

All proceeds from CNIB SmartLife go to supporting CNIB’s life-changing programs for people with sight loss across Canada.

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Our mission

CNIB SmartLife is committed to emboldening people with sight loss to lead independent, active lives and helping them gain access to life-changing technology. 

Why CNIB SmartLife? What makes us different?

CNIB SmartLife is for social good, which means that all revenues generated by us are directly reinvested into CNIB programs.

 What makes us different than other assistive technology providers?

  • Our commitment to teaching and empowering our community.
  • Our SmartLife Coaches are here to help you. Our experienced and knowledgeable Coaches are on-hand at SmartLife Centres nationwide to help you explore the latest products and technologies with confidence. Have questions about assistive technologies or products? Looking for customized recommendations based on your needs? We're here to help. 
  • We have products you won't find anywhere else. We're proud to have exclusive partnerships with some of the most innovative assistive technology retailers and service providers. 
  • We offer in-house repairs, warranties and product support. No need to deal with the manufacturer if you need to make an exchange or return, or need a product repaired. We offer all of those services in-house.
  • We're a good cause. We invest our proceeds into CNIB to create programs for people with sight loss across Canada. 
  • We are committed to help our community gain access to available funding opportunities. 


Have you discovered the next big thing?

CNIB SmartLife is on the lookout for ground-breaking products that unleash the power of accessibility. Send us your product recommendations at recommendations@cnib.ca with a website link for our team to test and explore!