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Image of WayTag Starter Pack

WayTag Starter Pack

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Meet WayAround

WayAround is the app for your smart device that provides on-demand details about everyday things. The simple tag-and-scan approach lets you quickly and easily identify things around you. It also provides extra details, like how something works or when it expires.

The result? Doing more of the things you want, with more confidence and more independence.

The WayTag Starter Pack

The Starter Pack includes 60 total WayTag products, in an assortment of all of our product styles for your kitchen, closet, bathroom or office.

The Starter Pack includes:

  • 10 WayClips
  • 5 On-metal WayClips
  • 15 WayTag stickers
  • 5 On-metal WayTag stickers
  • 10 WayTag magnets
  • 5 WayTag 2-hole buttons
  • 10 WayTag oval hole buttons

All types of WayTag products connect wirelessly to the WayAround mobile app, linking physical items in your home and office to information you store in your WayAround account.

Download the FREE WayAround App here:

Download on the Apple App Store

Download it on Google Play Store