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Touch Tags Skin Care Kit

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Skin Care Kit

Each kit includes 18 tactile adhesive symbol tags.

Never mix up your daily face and hand care essentials again with Touch Tags by CyRUS Skin Care Kit.

CyR.U.S.’ adhesive Touch Tags use the power of touch to make it easier and safer to ID and use your favorite Skin Care products.

Simply peel off the selected tag and press on to the product front, back, side or cap. Ta-dah! You’re good to go.

  • No more mistaking similar shaped products
  • No more struggling to read the “mice” type on packaging
  • Product safety is instantly improved for a worry-free experience
  • Water Resistant. Perfect for use around the sink.
  • Great for the blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, foreign language speakers or the sighted seeking easy, intuitive communication.



Symbols Include 2 Sheets of 9 Touch Tags:

  • 2X Face Wash
  • 2x Exfoliator
  • 2x Serum
  • 2x Face Oil
  • 2x Face Cream
  • 2x Eye Cream
  • 2x Night Cream
  • 2x Face SPF
  • 2x Hand Cream

Accessibility Features


  • Tactile bar at the top of sheet to orientate the top from bottom.
  • Tactile guide around each symbol to help you find location, shape and size of each Tag.
  •  Raised QR code with easy-to-follow audible usage instructions.