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Touch Tags Self Care Kit

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Self-Care Kit

Each kit includes 18 tactile adhesive symbol tags.

Never mix up your daily hygiene essentials again with Touch Tags by CyRUS Self-Care Kit.

CyR.U.S.’ adhesive Touch Tags use the power of touch to make it easier and safer to ID and use your favorite Self-Care products.

Simply peel off the selected tag and press on to the product front, back, side or cap. Ta-dah! You’re good to go.

  • No more mistaking similar shaped products
  • No more struggling to read the “mice” type on packaging
  • Product safety is instantly improved for a worry-free experience
  • Water Resistant. Perfect for use around the sink.
  • Great for the blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, foreign language speakers or the sighted seeking easy, intuitive communication.



Symbols Include 2 Sheets of 9 Touch Tags: 

  • 2X Face Wash
  • 2x Face Cream
  • 2x Body Wash
  • 2x Body Cream
  • 2x Deodorant
  • 2x Shampoo
  • 2x Conditioner
  • 2x Toothpaste
  • 2x Shaving Cream


Accessibility Features

    • Tactile bar at the top of sheet to orientate the top from bottom.
    • Tactile guide around each symbol to help you find location, shape and size of each Tag.
    • Raised QR code with easy-to-follow audible usage instructions