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PenFriend Tactile Labels - Pack B

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This set of labels are small squares with a tactile layer so you can feel and find them easily.

210 labels in each pack, 10 sheets of 21 labels.

Label dimension is 21x25mm

There are 5 sets in this series, TTA, TTB, TTC

Additional labels for your Penfriend. If getting close to being finished with the set that arrived initially with your PenFriend, then start with pack A. Packs of additional labels continue onward to pack B, C, D, E, F, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that each and every PenFriend label uses a unique bar code, and you'll never want to overlap the bar codes your PenFriend scans. Therefore, you should only buy any given refill pack just once. In other words, if you ordered Pack A last time, now you should go for Pack B, since these packs should always be purchased in sequence.