6 tactile buttons and 2 function keys on the face of the Hable One. 6 boutons tactiles et 2 touches de fonction sur la face du Hable One.
A user using the Hable One. Une personne utilisant le clavier braille Hable One.
A user using the Hable One in a public setting. Une personne utilisant le clavier braille Hable One dans un environnement extérieur.

Hable One Braille Keyboard

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The Assistant to your Smartphone

The Hable One is an easy-to-use remote controller for your smartphone or tablet. Combining technology and design, the Hable One brings an unprecedented experience for people who are blind or partially sighted, allowing them to use their smart devices easily in any situation.

Users can access their smart devices while out and about, type messages quickly and without errors, and gain access to previously inaccessible applications. The Hable One uses a combination of tactile key combinations to let users navigate their phones. Users can type messages in Braille or use the dictation function. The product is easy to use and requires no installation, making it suitable for all age groups and lifestyles.

You will fall in love with the intuitive interface from the first try. Write a text using Braille or dictation, browse the web, or scroll away on social media. Your Hable One will never let you down and the month-long battery life is suited for active lifestyles.
Don’t worry about using your phone in public! Simply keep your phone in your pocket and control it safely from the palm of your hands.

Simply connect with your phone using Bluetooth and take control of your phone.

Feature List:

  • Use it anywhere. The wireless and ergonomic design allows you to use it wherever you want, even while walking or traveling.

  • The intuitive interface makes your Hable One easy to use and learn. In a few minutes, you will be able to control all the basic commands.

  • Take control. Thanks to the six tactile buttons with two additional function keys for typing you will navigate with confidence even while having your smartphone saved in your pocket. 

The Hable One is ideal for you if:

  • Typing takes a lot of time and is frustrating because of the many errors.

  • You run into difficulties controlling VoiceOver or TalkBack because of the multiple swiping movements.

  • You’re on the go and don’t want to carry around a bulky keyboard or use dictation all the time.

  • You are new to braille, learning braille, or are a braille fan.

  • You are ready to turn your phone into a workstation and gain maximum efficiency with typing and navigating.

The Hable One App for iOS is now live

The Hable app for iPad & iPhone is the easiest way to get the latest updates. Now you can use the phone or tablet to update your Hable One.  Download the app here.

What's in the box:

  • Your Hable One

  • USB-C cable for charging and software updates

  • Wristband to prevent falling

  • User manual

  • Braille manual on request

Technical Specifications:

  • Lightweight: 90 grams

  • Battery life: 50 hours

  • Dimensions: 100 × 46 × 8 mm

  • Supported devices: Android and iOS, both tablets and smartphones

  • Support Type: Windows and MacOS

  • Braille input: 6-point Braille, Liblouis

  • Supports 10+ languages

  • Unique text editing experience, faster than alternatives

  • Made in the Netherlands from sustainable recycled materials

  • Remote software updates

  • Safety strap included reducing the risk of damage

  • Online starting guide to get you moving in no-time

  • USB-C cable for charging and software updates included

Android Manuals:

Quick Start Guide


iOS Manuals:

Quick Start Guide



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