Opticare eye drop dispenser

Opticare Eye Dropper Dispenser

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Between fiddly bottles and shaky hands, self administering eye drops can be difficult. But help is at hand.

With an Opticare eye drop dispenser, targeting your eye and squeezing the bottle becomes much easier. Compatible with a wide range of eye drop bottles, Opticare puts you in control.

Targets Your Eye

Resting comfortably around the eye, Opticare accurately targets drops and avoids the bottle tip touching the eye.

Helps  You Squeeze

Opticare helps you to squeeze the botttle. Requiring only gentle pressure to release a drop, it's a big help for arthritic hands.

Fits Many Bottles

Opticare can still help when your drops change. Compatible with the majority of traditionally shaped bottles (2.5-10ml). It's a single person, repeat use dispenser.

Boosts Your Confidence

The cylindrical, grip-sized body improves confidence by making drops managable for shaky hands. Bright colours are easy to find around the home or in our bag.


The Opticare is non-returnable.  As the product is designed for single person use, we cannot accept returns due to contamination risk.