Image of CNIB  SmartLife Talking Microwave
Image of CNIB  SmartLife Talking Microwave
Image of CNIB  SmartLife Talking Microwave

CNIB SmartLife Talking Microwave

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Simplify mealtime with the CNIB SmartLife Talking Microwave. Featuring tactile controls with high contrast and LED displays for easy time monitoring, this cutting-edge product is perfect for the whole family.


  • Fully talking microwave oven for universal accessibility.

  • Communicates in English, Canadian French, Mandarin, and Punjabi with soothing female voices.

  • Simple three-step process: set power, time, and press START.

  • There are five modes available, ranging from low mode at 90W, defrost mode at 270W, medium mode at 450W, medium to high mode is 630W and high mode is 900W.

  • Adjustable volume with 15 levels for day or night use.

  • Sleek silver exterior with a black door and LED panel, blending seamlessly into modern kitchens.

  • Audible announcements for power and time settings.

  • Convenient alerts for cooking time remaining, with interval updates based on time left, (every 10 seconds if the time is less than a minute; every 30 seconds if the time remaining is more than one minute, and a countdown when only 10 seconds remain). The microwave will announce when the time is completed.

  • LED display for easy monitoring of remaining time.

  • Safety alerts upon opening and closing the door to prevent accidents.


  • No complicated functions—simply set your cooking power, minutes, and seconds, then press 'Start' to cook.
  • Use the 'Power' mode button (this is the only button without tactile dots and has the letter P printed next to it) to choose cooking power.
  • Set the time using the 'Minutes' button(the letter M is printed next to it and the button has a single tactile dot for identification), and the 'Seconds' button (found below the Minutes button, printed with an S and with two tactile dots).
  • Easily adjust settings with tactile buttons and a rotary dial for volume control, found below the 'Power' (P) and 'Minutes' (M) Buttons. Select from 15 volume levels, with the microwave announcing each level as you adjust the dial. Press the dial to initiate cooking (hold to reset), conveniently labeled with a V for volume, and raised START and RESET indicators.
  • You can pause any cooking or defrost cycle by pressing the START rotary dial. To restart the cycle, just press the START dial again.

Designed for ease of use with tactile buttons and a fully talking functionality, the CNIB Talking Microwave is your perfect kitchen companion for tasks like defrosting, heating, or cooking. With adjustable volume and just four intuitive controls, cooking has never been easier, or more accessible!


  • Package Dimensions (L x D x H):  23" x 18" x 13.75" (58.6 cm x 45.7 cm x 35.2 cm)
  • Product Dimensions (L x D x H):  20" x 15" x 12.5" (50.9 cm x 38.2 cm x 31.8 cm)
  • Package Weight:  14.92 kg (32.9 lbs)
  • Product Weight: 13.31 kg (29.35 lbs)
  • Warranty:  36 months


The microwave's exterior is covered with a protective film to safeguard it during transport. This film must be removed before connecting the microwave to the power supply. Removing the film may require sighted assistance. Please note, that once the protective film is removed, the microwave can only be returned if it is faulty.

CNIB Talking Microwave English Manual

CNIB Talking Microwave French Manual