Image of English Braille Red Poker Playing Cards - TOS

English Braille Red Poker Playing Cards - TOS

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Unfortunately our Supplier is back-ordered on these cards.  We currently have inventory of our English Braille Blue Standard Print Playing Cards as a substitute.

This single deck of braille and large-print playing cards will make poker night with friends a lot more enjoyable if you have partial or full vision loss. Made from durable plastic, this standard (poker-sized) deck is also built to last.

  • Embossed in braille at the top left and bottom right-hand corners vertically down the side of the card
  • Cards are marked in braille as follows: D Diamond, X Club, S Spade, K Heart and L Joker
  • Large 0.6-inch (1.5 centimetre) characters
  • 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.3 centimetres by 8.8 centimetres)
  • Red back design