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Magno® Stands for your LED Hand-Held Magnifiers!

The Magno® Stand allows select Magno® LED magnifiers to be used not only as a hand-held magnifier, but also as a stand magnifier and a hands-free device!

Each of the 3 Magno® stands has unique specifications that guarantee the magnifier is positioned at the correct height in order to provide a distortion free image. It’s quick and easy to insert and remove the magnifier from the stand and patients can change over to using the magnifier as a hand-held device at any time.

The Magno® Stand can be used to hold the magnifier in 2 positions:

1) Horizontal: allows the magnifier to be used for long-term reading.

2) Upright: allows the magnifier to be used for hands-free tasks like threading a needle, changing small batteries, painting one’s nails and doing crafts

Available Stands:

  • 3.5X
  • 4X
  • 5X



This is for the stand accessory ONLY.  Does not come with the hand-held magnifier which can be purchased separately here.