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Haven Night Drivers Light Yellow Med

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Night driving glasses with function and style!

Haven Night Drivers enhance contrast and reduce glare at night, thereby making for a more comfortable driving experience at night. Plus, these same glasses can be used when looking at digital devices such as computers, tablets and cell phones to reduce the symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (such as headache and eye strain) which are caused by the harmful blue light that emanates from digital screens. 

The light yellow lenses in Haven Night Drivers block 100% of UVA and UVB light as well as all visible light below 400nm in wavelength, but also allow most light to come through (85% overall light transmittance) so they can be worn at night.  And the lenses are non-polarized so users can still see their digital dashboards without difficulty.  The lenses include an oleophobic coating which repels water, oil and smudges making them easy to wipe clean and include an A/R coating which reduces glare, particularly from oncoming automobile headlights.  

The Haven Night Drivers feature high quality nylon frames and bend-to-fit temples to allow for a comfortable fit.  Plus, with their fits-over design, Haven Night Drivers can worn either alone or over prescription eyewear. 

Haven Night Drivers are ideal for anyone who drives at night and has to deal with the bright headlights of oncoming vehicles or for those who suffer from Digital Eye Strain from looking at digital devices over extended periods of time. 



  • Lens Material: Acetate
  • Lens Coating: A/R, oleophobic, & anti-scratch coatings
  • Mount: Plastic
  • Point of Purchase Display: 6-piece counter-top or 18-piece floor display (with minimum purchase)
  • Temple Design: Bend-to-fit
  • Tint Color: Light Yellow
  • Wavelength cutoff: 400nm
  • Dimensions: Fit-Over Rx: 127 x 38 mm
  • Accessories: Microfiber pouch, doubles as cleaning cloth