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FINAL SALE OrCam MyEye 2.0 Assistive Eyewear - BBV

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Read newspapers, books, computer screens, restaurant menus and store signage over 8 feet (2.4 metres) away. The OrCam MyEye 2.0 is a unique wearable device that snaps magnetically onto any eyeglass frame. Activate the device with a tap, swipe or finger point gesture. A 13-megapixel camera captures an image, translates text into synthesized speech and relays the information to a speaker discretely mounted near your left or right ear. Other features include dual built-in LEDs that automatically illuminate low lit environments, automatic language detection, and wireless connectivity for instant Wi-Fi software updates.
- Program MyEye 2.0 to recognize up to 100 faces and 150 of your favourite products including credit cards
- Instantly identifies Canadian and American dollar bills
- Scan barcodes to identify millions of products
- Use MyEye 2.0 for quick and accurate colour detection
- Black eyeglass frames (non-prescription) with preset magnetic mount, and 2 extra mounts included: one mount is set on the right side of the frame plus an extra mount for the left side or to mount on your own pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses
- Also included: magnetic mount kit with scissors, leather carrying case, lanyard, USB charging cable and AC adapter
- No audio output/headphone jack
- Rechargeable micro lithium-polymer battery lasts for 2 hours of continuous use with a quick recharging process of 45 minutes
- Two-year warranty
- 0.8 ounces (22.5 grams)
- MyEye 2.0 measures 3 inches by 0.8 inches by 0.6 inches (7.6 centimetres by 2.1 centimetres by 1.5 centimetres)
- Colour: Black
- English menus and English directional instructions; automatically recognizes and reads English, French and Spanish documents

For more information about this device and an assessment, please complete the online form and mention "OrCam" in the Comment section. You can also call us at 1-866-659-1843. We will contact you, provide a demonstration and assess whether this product is suitable for your individual needs. Note that two hours of training with an OrCam Certified Trainer is included in the purchase price.