Profile of Smith Optics Frame with attached Envision Glass
close up of Black Smith Optics Frame with Envision Glass attached.

Envision Smith Optics Black Frames TPH

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The Smith Optics Frame is the designer spectacle frame for the Envision Glasses with zero-power lenses you can replace with custom prescription glasses.  

Envision Glasses is a wearable device that significantly improves the daily life of blind and visually impaired people. It provides the most intuitive and easiest way to access all kinds of visual information around them. It's trained to recognise and speak out text, objects, people, colors, products and so much more. The Envision Glasses are designed to be worn all day with its comfortable, lightweight profile.

Please Note:  This is for the attachable frames ONLY and does not come with the actual Envision Glasses hardware.  Please find the Envision Glasses here.  Please bear in mind that the glass frame ship with zero power lenses. You may take them to your optician to replace with applicable prescription lenses.

Visit the Getting Started Guide from Envision Here.