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BlindShell Classic Cellular Phones

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The new BlindShell Classic is the mobile phone you've been waiting for, if you are looking for ease of use. You will find an ergonomic keypad with a standard numeric keypad, a directional pad and a few function keys that do the essentials. However, with one advantage, voice control!

BlindShell Classic focuses on the main, calling and texting. Its operation, based on option lists from which you just have to choose, makes it intuitive and easy to learn. You can of course manage a directory of contacts, mark some as favorites and even assign them a quick call key for loved ones you need to reach frequently. In addition, thanks to the voice recognition of the BlindShell Classic, you can call someone just by saying their name.

As for sending SMS, it's just as easy. Select the recipient from your directory, from your favorites or your call history, then use the corresponding option from the choices available to you. You can now write your message using the numeric keypad or dictate it verbally before sending it. Even better, you can send the message from any menu by saying a keyword followed by the contact's name.

If you travel internationally often or need to use a personal number and another for work, BlindShell gives you the option of using two SIM cards at the same time, eliminating the need to use two different phones.

BlindShell Classic is also ideal for your safety or that of a loved one. In an emergency, it has a special button, easily accessible on the back of the phone, which will allow you to reach a predefined contact with just one press.

Much more than a phone, BlindShell Classic will become an indispensable tool, thanks to the additional functions it offers.

To help you in your daily tasks, you will be able to:

Manage your schedule thanks to its ultra simple diary, plan an alarm clock, program a kitchen timer. write or record a note or voice memo, identify colors, check the weather forecast, recognize objects with a tagging function, You can even read your e-mails, thanks to the integrated e-mail application and this even away from home, over Wi-Fi or 4G.

When it comes to relaxation, BlindShell Classic has also got you covered:

An FM radio receiver, an Internet radio player an audiobook and text player a music player, A GPS location function ("where am I") As with everything relating to telephony, these functions remain presented in the same way, in the form of multiple choice menus.

If you are a visually impaired person, only the selected item is displayed on the screen, so you don't get lost among multiple icons. The selected item appears in large print in various sizes. You also have different customizable color themes to read your texts.

The strong points

Key-operated telephone, like the old Nokia Presentations in the form of menus, identical for all telephone functions Control and voice dictation, to call contacts, send SMS or launch functions by voice (requires a Wi-Fi or 4G connection ) Possibility of managing favorite contacts Speed ​​dial function allowing certain contacts to be reached more quickly SOS button to call a predefined contact in case of emergency Support for two SIM cards (management of two telephone numbers simultaneously) 23 simple additional applications, such as as FM radio, calendar, weather forecast, E-mail, GPS location, object labeling Backlit keyboard Possibility to increase the size of the text displayed Various customizable color themes: White on black, black on white, white on blue, black on yellow.


  • Mobile network: GSM Tribandes, 3G / 4G LTE
  • Processor (CPU): Dual core 1.2GHz Memory: 512MB (RAM), 4GB (Internal), expandable by SD card
  • Screen: 2.8 inch QVGA TFT color screen
  • SIM cards: Two micro SIM slots
  • Camera: 2.0MPx
  • Battery: 1800mAh
  • Supplied accessories: Earphones, USB cable, USB charger
  • Dimensions: 133 x 57 x 13 mm Weight: 110 g ( 75 G without battery)
  • Warranty: 2 years.

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