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Envision Glasses with Titanium Frame

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Envision Glasses brings our award wining software to smartglasses, enabling an unprecedented experience of hands-free and unobtrusive experience of accessing the visual world.

The Envision Glasses are a combination of the Google Glass 2 and Envision's award-winning AI technology. The technology, currently available on iOS and Android smartphones, already enables you and thousands of other users around the world to read all kinds of information. Like the app, the glasses use artificial intelligence to understand the world around you and speak the visual information back to you.

Hear what you want to see.

Envision glasses are AI for your eye. They use the power of speech to make everyday life more accessible for any visual impairment.

Feature List:

Instant Text:
This function is intended to read short pieces of text, like room numbers, street signs, food packaging, etc. This works with a live video feed, so you can scan around and the glasses will continue to speak out whatever text is in front of it.

Scan Text:
This enables you to read dense pieces of text like letters, books or magazines. You can snap a picture of those with the glass and it will present the out in an easy, accessible and explorable way. You will also have the option to export this text into various formats.

Handwritten Text:
This function is included within the Document Text itself, where it can intelligently identify and recognise handwritten text. So you can easily read greeting cards or post-it notes.

Describe Scene:
When you snap a picture with this option, the AI will do its best to describe what's in the image. This is great for getting a general sense of what is around you. You can also save these images, making it a great way for taking photographs.

Detect Colors:
This is a simple but useful function. When turned on, it will speak out the dominant colors in front of it. Useful when you need to pick the right dress.

Find Person:
When you have this function on and scan around with the glasses, it will give you a mild beep every time it sees a person in frame. You can also teach Envision the faces of your friend and family, so when their faces come in the frame, it will speak out their name to you.

Find Objects:
You can select from a list of objects and scan around with the glasses, which will beep whenever that object is in the frame. Great for finding that remote control on the couch or a dustbin in a room.

With the Explore function, the glasses will consistently speak out the objects and people it detects around you. This is useful to familiarise yourself at a new place or just a fun activity when you are out for a stroll to know what's around.

Video Call:
Envision allows you to make a video call from within the glasses to a friend or a family who will have a companion app. With this, they see a direct video feed of the glasses, enabling them to help you out of any sticky situation. You can also choose to share additional information like your location on a map. 

Built like a platform, the Envision Glasses are also constantly updated with new features and functionalities.

What's included with the purchase?

When you pre-order the Envision Glasses, you get the following things in the box:

  1. The Google Glass Pod with Envision Software installed on it.
  2. The Titanium Band frame: the lightweight and robust frame for the Google Glass.
  3. A USB-C charging cable.
  4. A Lifetime Subscription of the Envision AI app for iOS and Android.

If you do order the Envision Glasses with Smith Optics Frame, you will have that included in the box as well. Please bear in mind that the glass frame ship with zero power lenses. You may take them to your optician to replace with applicable prescription lenses.

Technical Specifications:

Envision Glasses are technically Envision's software platform running within the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Envision's software serves as a virtual layer of accessibility that allows you to not just use the functions .

SoC: Qualcomm Quad Core, 1.7GHz,10nm.
OS: Android Oreo.
Memory & Storage: 3GB LPDDR4 / 32GB eMMC Flash.
Wi-Fi: 802.11ac, dual-band, single antenna.
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.x AoA.
Camera: 8Mp, 80 DFOV.
Display: 640x360 Optical Display Module.
Audio out: Mono Speaker, USB audio, BT audio.
Microphones: 3 beam-forming microphones.
Touch: Multi-touch gesture touchpad.
Charging & Data: USB Type-C, USB 2.0 480Mbps.
LED: Privacy (camera), power (rear).
Battery: 820mAh with fast charge.
IMU: Single 6-axis Accel/Gyro, single 3-axis Mag.
Power-saving features: On head detection sensor, and Eye-on screen sensor.
Ruggedization: Water and dust resistant.
Weight: ~46g (pod).

Warranty: 1-Year Warranty


Download Product Manual Here.

Visit the Getting Started Guide from Envision Here.