IrisVision Inspire glasses
The lens of the IrisVision Inspire glasses
IrisVision Inspire glasses tethered to a phone with glasses dimensions and weight

IrisVision Inspire

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A Clearer Path to Vision Health

Inspire is a revolutionary assistive wearable device designed to enhance independent daily living, facilitate virtual vision rehabilitation, and stay connected to people, doctors, and everyday activities. The Inspire Low Vision Glasses are truly a life-changing technology that can help you instantly see again, stay connected to your world, and regain your daily independence.

Inspire’s Low Vision Glasses leverages IrisVision’s award-winning software in an all-new, lightweight headset designed for anyone with low vision who wants to live their vision for life by fully leveraging the vision they have.

Inspire is a low-profile wearable software platform delivering functional sight for low vision. From the team that developed the multiple award-winning IrisVision Live headset, Inspire is an all-in-one, all distance, and autofocus solution designed for intuitive ease-of-use.

Only Inspire offers a growing software platform with two years of unlimited cellular data to keep users connected and supported wherever they are.

Designed For Simplicity

Voice Controls – Using Inspire is as easy as speaking out loud. Simply say, “Reading mode,” “reduce brightness,” or “Zoom in.”

Unlimited Cellular Data Connectivity – Inspire comes with unlimited  data or connect to Wi-Fi to get help from our support team wherever and whenever it’s needed

Real-World Images

Inspire Low Vision Wearable Glasses captures real-world images and remaps them in real-time to functional areas of the user’s retina, restoring vision and enhancing cognitive abilities. Beyond sight, IrisVision integrates powerful connectivity features that allow users to enjoy greater social activity.

Inspire Low Vision Wearable Glasses is a breakthrough, wearable, smart device that leverages the working areas of your eyes to immediately restore vision while giving you easy-to-use connectivity tools for communicating and social engagement.

A Visual Device, A Social Device

If you’re living with legal blindness or a low-vision condition, your world may extend only as far as a handheld magnifying glass.  IrisVision low vision software changes everything, opening your world visually and socially. See the smiling faces of your loved ones, read a recipe, stay on top of the news, take in a sunset, scan a grocery shelf, connect to your social media pages, share photos, or simply watch a movie on the couch with your family. With IrisVision, you can get back to living.


For distance, intermediate or near tasks, this vivid, high-definition view offers instant autofocus and an industry-leading 70° field of view with up to 14X magnification.

Re-Imagine Low Vision Solutions

IrisVision offers the first-ever wearable, smart visual assistive devices combining all-in-one software-lens technology for near-intermediate-distance viewing, robust connectivity tools, with remote telehealth features coming soon. Now, like never before, you can now augment your patient visits to remotely assess, treat, and rehabilitate your patients with moderate to severe vision impairment – all from the safety of their home.


  • Up to 10x magnification
  • High-contrast color mode
  • Video streaming
  • 3 hours use on a single charge
  • Wireless charging
  • Voice command capable
  • Auto-focus
  • Frame width: 6.5 in
  • Frame height:  2.6 in
  • Temple length: 7.8 in
  • Weight:  0.38 lbs / 172 g
  • Available in English only

What's in the Box

  • IrisVision Inspire Headset
  • Fast Charger & Cable
  • Training Guides
  • IrisVision Display Unit
  • Device Holding Lanyard
  • Headstrap
  • Headset Lanyard
  • Carrying Case


Download Product Manual Here.