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Revolutionary Sight-enhancing electronic glasses that allow those with low vision to see better!

Clinically Validated By 6 Low Vision Institutes

Thousands of Lives Have Been Changed

eSight functions by stimulating synaptic activity from the remaining photoreceptor function in the user’s eyes. This can provide the brain with increased visual information to naturally compensate for gaps in the users’ field of view.

eSight is advanced electronic glasses for low vision people. Using a cutting edge camera, smart algorithms and high resolution screens, eSight creates a crystal clear, real-time image of what is in front of you.

Near or far

eSight glasses for the blind gives you the freedom to get up and go. By providing a real-time image that toggles between near and far almost instantly, eSight lets you do more things with much greater ease and clarity.

Up or down

With eSight, you can see the face of a loved one, or scale the face of a mountain. When face-to-face is what you’re after, just flip up the visor and you will enjoy the best of both.


eSight is used by people living with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and a host of other conditions. We offer coaching and peer-to-peer support to ensure our clients get all the benefit that eSight provides.

What can I do with eSight?

eSight users tell us they are now able to:
- See the faces of loved ones
- Start new jobs or return to work
- Perform better in school
- Rediscover hobbies like cooking, reading, visual art, and traveling independently
- Feel more confidence in new environments