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Reveal 16 With XY Table

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Reveal 16 is an intuitive, easy to use and foldable digital magnifier that offers an unmatched crisp, and crystal-clear image quality thanks to its 10x optical zoom camera.
Designed for seniors and students, to read documents, textbooks and newspapers as well as to write down notes. Reveal 16 also allows you to view distant objects like an artwork, your own backyard or even the whiteboard. Reveal 16 Full HD digital magnifier with XY table

- Adjustable 16-inch screen
- Four large and contrasted buttons
- 10x magnification optical zoom
- Up to 45x digital magnification
- Real 1x
- Document overview
- Programmable contrast colors
- HDMI port
- Polarized LEDs
- Optional battery available
- Optional carrying case
- Robust and foldable
- Comes with a XY table